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Summer Food Service Program
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2017 Program Renewal

Documents & Instructions
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PDF File Links Below Word File Links Below    
Instructions for Renewal - PDF Instructions for Renewal - MS Word   Instructions for Renewal
KN-CLAIM Quick Ref for SFSP - PDF ---   1 - KN-CLAIM Quick Reference for SFSP Initiation or Renewal

Includes instructions on completing the online Sponsor Application, Site Application and Sponsor Budget (for non-school sponsors only)

Items 2 and 3 are required for ALL sponsors.  KSDE must approve these documents prior to payment of reimbursement.
--- Letter to Health Dept - MS Word   2 - Letter to Health Department

Complete this prototype letter and print on the sponsor’s letterhead stationery.   Within 2 weeks after receiving approval from Child Nutrition & Wellness, Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) for the sponsor’s SFSP sites and prior to the beginning of meal service, send a copy of this letter to KSDE and to your local health department.
Link to Kansas Health Directory

Training Certification - PDF ---   3 - Training Certification

Item 4 is to be completed ONLY if the sponsor's authorized representative is changing.
Change Authorized Representative - PDF Change Authorized Representative - MS Word   4 - Change Authorized Representative

Items 5-8 apply ONLY to sponsors that collect new eligibility documentation for SFSP participants.
--- Letter to Household - MS Word   5 - Letter to Household
--- Household Application Packet - MS Word   6 - Application Packet for Child Nutrition Program Benefits
Income Eligibility Guidelines ---   7 - Income Eligibility Guidelines
Guidelines for Determining Eligibility - PDF ---   8 - Guidelines for Determining Eligibility
Request for Information on Eligibility for Child Nutrition Program Benefits and Policy on Confidentiality

Item 9 applies ONLY to Food Service Management Companies that will receive $100,000 or more in Federal funds for a SFSP contract.

Lobbying Certification - PDF ---   9 - Lobbying Certification
Items 10-15 apply ONLY to sponsors that contract for food service with either a school sponsor or a food service management company.
Agreement for School Sponsor to Provide Meals - PDF Agreement for School Sponsor to Provide Meals - MS Word   10 - Agreement for a School Sponsor to Provide Meals
Agreement for a FSMC to Provide Meals - PDF Agreement with a FSMC to Provide Meals - MS Word   11 - Agreement for a Food Service Management Company to Provide Meals
--- ---   12 - Food Service Management Company Registration - Call 785-296-2276 for assistance
Waiver to Unitized Meals Requirement - PDF Waiver to Unitized Meals Requirement - MS Word   13 - Waiver to Unitized Meals Requirement
Unaffiliated Site Agreement - PDF Unaffiliated Site Agreement - MS Word   14 - Unaffiliated Site Agreement
Effort to Obtain SFS - PDF Effort to Obtain SFS - MS Word   15 - Verification of Efforts to Obtain School Meals or Use School Food Service Facilities
--- Prototype Purchasing Plan   Prototype Purchasing Plan

To use an "enterable" form, first download it to your computer's hard drive as follows:

  1. Right-click on the Microsoft Word or Excel button.
  2. Select "Save Target As" and specify the location on your hard drive where the file will be saved; then click "Save".

Once you have downloaded the file, open it in Word or Excel:

  • Use your <Tab> key to move from enterable field to field.
  • To complete a Word checkbox, use the "X" key or click on the checkbox.
  • Save the completed form on your computer.
  • Print copies to file or return to KSDE as specified in the instructions below for program initiation or renewal.


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