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Program Renewal

2017-2018 Instructions & Documents
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Renewal forms that require the sponsor to enter information are available as Microsoft Word forms.  To use a form, first download it to your computer's hard drive as follows:
1 - Right-click on the hyperlink (i.e. bullet).
2 - Select "Save Target As" and specify the location on your hard drive where the file will be saved, then click "Save".
3 - Once you have downloaded the file, open it in Word.  Key information into the gray boxes and print out the form.
PDF Word MS Excel
--- --- --- Program Renewal Webinar, recorded 05/24/17
Program Renewal Memo
--- --- Program Renewal Memo
2018 Program Agreement - PDF
2018 Program Agreement - MS Word
--- Program Agreement
Program Renewal Instruction for Forms 3B thru 18A
Checklist & Instructions for Program Renewal Documents --- Checklist & Instructions for Program Renewal Documents


For your convenience, the following formats are provided. Print on your school or district's letterhead.

  • (Col. A) PDF format - Print, fill-in-the blanks and distribute.
  • (Col. B) Word enterable for printing - Download, complete variable data on your computer, print and distribute.
(A) (B) (C)  
--- Form 3A - MS Word --- Form 3A: Letter to Household
--- Form 3B:  Household Application Packet for Free and Reduced Price School Meals --- Form 3B: Household Application Packet for Free and Reduced Price School Meals
Form 3D - PDF Form 3D - MS Word --- Form 3D: Letter to Household about Eligibility Determination
Form 3E - PDF Form 3E - MS Word --- Form 3E: Consent for Disclosure
Form 3F - PDF Form 3F - MS Word --- Form 3F: Announcement of Child Nutrition Programs
Form 3G - PDF Form 3G - MS Word --- Form 3G: Appointment of New Authorized Representative
Form 3J - PDF Form 3J - MS Word --- Form 3J: Special Milk - Information for Households with Pre-K and Kindergarten Students (for sponsors providing both school meals AND the Special Milk Program with paid and free milk)
Form 7A - PDF Form 7A - MS Word --- Form 7A: Letter to Household about Direct Certification
Form 8D - PDF Form 8D - MS Word --- Form 8D: Letter to Household about Selection for Verification
Form 8M - PDF Form 8M - MS Word --- Form 8M: Letter to Household about Benefit Decrease
Form 18A - PDF Form 18A - MS Word --- Form 18A: Letter to Household about Community Eligibility Provision
--- ---
PLE Tool & Instructions
Paid Lunch Equity (PLE) Tool & Instructions SY 2017-18 - Revised 06/02/17
--- Application for Exemption to PLE - MS Word --- Application for an Exemption to Paid Lunch Equity (PLE) Requirement
PLE Guidance, USDA Policy SP 28-2014 --- --- Paid Lunch Equity (PLE): Guidance for SY 2017-18, USDA Policy SP 11-2017 Revised - 06/02/17
--- Procurement Plan Prototype - MS Word --- Procurement Plan Prototype (includes Code of Conduct)
Food Service Contract between USD and Private School
--- Food Service Contract between USD and Private School
--- Vended Contract to Provide Meals --- Vended Contract to Provide Meals
New Site Application - PDF
New Site Application - MS Word
--- New Site Application

Guidelines for Determining Eligibility
--- --- Guidelines for Determining Eligibility
Income Eligibility Guidelines Chart
--- --- Income Eligibility Guidelines Chart
Waiver of Confidentiality Instructions
--- --- Instructions Regarding Confidentiality of Reduced Price/Free Eligibility Information
Foreign Language Materials Information
--- --- Foreign Language Materials Information
After School Care Snack & Meal Pograms Q & A - PDF --- --- Afterschool Snack Program & At-Risk Afterschool Meals, Questions & Answers
Special Assistance Alternatives
--- --- Provisions 1, 2, and 3 and Community Eligibility Provision

Keep a copy of all program renewal documents for your files.

Signed documents must contain ORIGINAL signatures.

All program documents are due by July 15, 2017 to:
Child Nutrition & Wellness, Kansas State Department of Education,
Landon State Office Building, 900 SW Jackson Street, Suite 251, Topeka, KS 66612-1212.
Questions? Call (785) 296-2276.


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