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Food Service Facts

Chapter 8 - Verification of Eligibility
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No. Name
Form 8-D - PDF
Form 8-D - MS Word
8-D Letter to Household about Selection for Verification (Spanish)
Form 8-E - PDF
8-E How to Prove Eligibility (Spanish)
Form 8-F - PDF
8-F Household Members' Names (Spanish)
Form 8-G - PDF
Form 8-G - MS Word
8-G Confirmation of Earnings
Form 8-H - PDF
Form 8-H - MS Word
8-H Direct Verification Request
Form 8-I - PDF
Form 8-I - MS Word
8-I Verification of FDPIR Benefits
Form 8-J - PDF
Form 8-J - MS Word
8-J Letter to Household about Termination of Food Assistance/TAF/FDPIR/Foster Child Eligibility (Spanish)
Form 8-K - PDF
8-K Verification Worksheet
Form 8-L - PDF
Form 8-L - MS Word
8-L Notification to Attendance Center of Change in Eligibility Status
Form 8-M - PDF
Form 8-M - MS Word
8-M Letter to Household about Benefit Decrease (Spanish)
Form 8-N - PDF
Form 8-N - MS Word
8-N Letter to Household about Benefit Increase (Spanish)
Form 8-O - PDF
Form 8-O - MS Word
8-O Letter to Household about No Change in Benefits (Spanish)
Form 8-P
Form 8-P - MS Word
8-P Letter to Household Following Hearing
Form 8-Q
Form 8-Q - MS Word
8-Q Verification of Eligibility for Reduced Price and Free Benefits:
Sponsor Summary and Application Results Worksheet
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