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Summer Food Service Program
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Calendar of Sponsor Responsibilities



  • Explore options for SFSP sites; meet with community partners

January through March

  • Make preoperational site visits; complete Site Visit Form to maintain on file

March through May

  • Ensure that administrative personnel have received KSDE training


  • Publicize the program within the school/organization and community


Early Spring

Complete Application/Renewal Packet

  • Collect/maintain site eligibility records
  • If contracting for meals, obtain contract for service or amend contract with FSMC to continue service

March 15 to May 1

Prior to Opening
  • Send Health Inspection Letter to local health department


  • Send Media Release if application not approved by May 26

Prior to opening

  • Provide training for site personnel with regard to program duties and allow no site to operate unless the site personnel have been trained

Prior to opening

Summer Operation

  • Serve meals which meet approved meal pattern and time schedule requirements


  • Record meals served to children at point of service

  • Maintain production records

  • Send copy of Training Certification to KSDE

During the first week

  • Visit site and complete Site Visit Form to maintain on file
  • Enrolled sites: send Enrollment Certification to KSDE

  • Conduct Monitor Site Review; evaluate racial/ethnic participation; complete form to maintain on file

During 4th week

  • Maintain a financial management system (meal count records, all costing information and SFSP income)

Throughout the program

  • Operate a nonprofit food service

End of Month/Summer

  • Consolidate daily meal counts

End of operating month with over 10 days service

  • Submit Reimbursement Claims

  • Be certain all Reimbursement Claims have been filed

Within 60 operating days of the end of a month of service

  • Evaluate program; create goals/ideas for next year


  • Maintain all records for three years plus the current year; records must be retained after the three year period if audit findings have not been resolved



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To accommodate people with disabilities, on request, auxiliary aides and services will be provided and reasonable modifications to policies and programs will be made. To request accommodations or for more information please contact the Office of General Counsel at or by 785-296-3204.