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Summer Food Service Program
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Calendar of Sponsor Responsibilities



  • Explore options for SFSP sites; meet with community partners

January through March

  • Make preoperational site visits; complete Site Visit Form to maintain on file

March through May

  • Ensure that administrative personnel have received KSDE training


  • Publicize the program within the school/organization and community


Early Spring

Complete Application/Renewal Packet

  • Collect/maintain site eligibility records
  • If contracting for meals, obtain contract for service or amend contract with FSMC to continue service

March 15 to May 1

Prior to Opening
  • Send Health Inspection Letter to local health department


  • Send Media Release if application not approved by May 26

Prior to opening

  • Provide training for site personnel with regard to program duties and allow no site to operate unless the site personnel have been trained

Prior to opening

Summer Operation

  • Serve meals which meet approved meal pattern and time schedule requirements


  • Record meals served to children at point of service

  • Maintain production records

  • Send copy of Training Certification to KSDE

During the first week

  • Visit site and complete Site Visit Form to maintain on file
  • Enrolled sites: send Enrollment Certification to KSDE

  • Conduct Monitor Site Review; evaluate racial/ethnic participation; complete form to maintain on file

During 4th week

  • Maintain a financial management system (meal count records, all costing information and SFSP income)

Throughout the program

  • Operate a nonprofit food service

End of Month/Summer

  • Consolidate daily meal counts

End of operating month with over 10 days service

  • Submit Reimbursement Claims

  • Be certain all Reimbursement Claims have been filed

Within 60 operating days of the end of a month of service

  • Evaluate program; create goals/ideas for next year


  • Maintain all records for three years plus the current year; records must be retained after the three year period if audit findings have not been resolved



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