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Wellness Policies - Handouts & Brochures

All documents open in new windowThe resources listed below can be downloaded and duplicated for local use.  All files are in Adobe PDF format. All documents open in a new window.

Fundraising Ideas Brochure Healthy Fundraising - This handout provides ideas for schools that are not dependent on selling foods with little nutritional value.

Healthy Celebrations - PDF Healthy Celebrations - This handout provides ideas for shifting the focus of celebrations from unhealthy food to healthy fun.

Breakfast After the Bell handout Breakfast After the Bell - This handout provides talking points to introduce school stakeholders to serving breakfast after the official start of the school day.

Recess Before Lunch Handout Recess Before Lunch - This handout provides information about benefits and solutions to perceived challenges about scheduling recess before lunch.
Activate Your Rewards Activate Your Rewards - Rewards are a way to recognize achievements and celebrate the success of each student.

Walk or Bike to Sschool Walk or Bike to School - Encouraging a healthy lifestyle requires creative solutions that are both safe and fun.


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