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HACCP Resources
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Please by sure to review the documents added or updated in response to the recent implementation of the 2012 Kansas Food Code by the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

To download any of the files listed below, place your cursor on the button and right-click. Then select "Save Target As" and specify the location on your computer's hard drive where the file is to be saved.

HACCP Food Safety Plan - MS Word

HACCP Food Safety Plan - Updated July 2020
Use of this optional plan is recommended by KSDE. Sponsors may fill-in-the-blanks and use the plan as provided, modify it, or write their own plans.

Enhancing the School Food Service Program FAQ
Enhancing the School Food Safety Program Frequently Asked Questions
Worksheet to Review and Revise

Worksheet to Review and Revise the HACCP Food Safety Plan

Food Safety Checklist - PDF
Food Safety Checklist - MS Word
Monthly Food Safety Checklist
Farm to School - Food Safety Guidance
Farm to School - Food Safety Guidance
Farm to School - Sample Letter to Vendor
Farm to School - Sample Letter to Vendor
Farm to School - Documention for Donated Meat Products - MS Word
Farm to School - Documentation for Donated Meat Products
List of USDA inspected locker/facilities.

HACCP Logs - These log sheets are also included in the HACCP Food Safety Plan. Use of these optional forms is recommended by KSDE. Sponsors may fill-in-the-blanks and use the forms as provided, modify them, or develop their own forms.

Cooking-Reheating - PDF

Cooking-Reheating - MS Word
Cooking - Reheating
Holding - PDF
Holding - MS Word
Service - PDF
Service - MS Word
Damaged or Discarded Products - PDF
Damaged or Discarded Products - MS Word
Damaged or Discarded Products
Cooling - PDF
Cooling - MS Word
Receiving - PDF
Receiving - MS Word
Transport - PDF
Transport - MS Word
Daily for Each Refrigerator/Freezer - PDF
Dry Storage Room - MS Word
Daily for Each Refrigerator/Freezer
Daily for All Refrigerators/Freezers - PDF
Daily for All Refrigerators/Freezers - MS Word
Daily for All Refrigerators/Freezers
Dry Storage Room - PDF
Dry Storage Room - MS Word
Dry Storage Room
Thermometer Calibration - PDF
Thermometer Calibration - MS Word
Thermometer Calibration
Daily Temperatures - PDF
Daily Temperatures - MS Word
Daily Temperatures
Dish Machine - PDF
Dish Machine - MS Word
Dish Machine
HACCP Daily Temperature Log - PDF
HACCP Daily Temperature Log - MS Word
HACCP Daily Temperature Log
Letter for Suppliers - PDF
Letter to Suppliers - MS Word

Letter for Suppliers

HACCP Sample Posters - BW - PDF
HACCP Process Posters - B/W - MS Word

HACCP Process Posters - Black & White

HACCP Sample Posters - Color - PDF
HACCP Process Posters - Color - MS Word

HACCP Process Posters - Color

HACCP Help Newsletters - Updated January 2014

HACCP Help 1 - Overview
HACCP Help 1 - A brief 2-page overview of HACCP in schools and of the "process approach" to HACCP
HACCP Help 2 - Q&A April 2006
HACCP Help 2 - Q & A
HACCP Help 3 - January 2006
HACCP Help 3
HACCP Help 4 - March 2006 - PDF
HACCP Help 4
HACCP Help 5 - October 2006
HACCP Help 5
HACCP Help 6 - March 2009
HACCP Help 6
HACCP Help 7 - September 2010
HACCP Help 7
HACCP Help 8 - October 2011 - PDF
HACCP Help 8
HACCP Help 9 - October 2012
HACCP Help 9
HACCP Help 10 - September 2013
HACCP Help 10
HACCP Help 11 - September 2014
HACCP Help 11
HACCP Help 12
HACCP Help 12 - September 2015
HACCP Help 13
HACCP Help 13 - September 2016
HACCP Help 14 September 2017 --- HACCP Help 14 - September 2017
HACCP Help 15 - September 2018 --- HACCP Help 15 - September 2018
HACCP Help 16 - September 2019 --- HACCP Help 16 - September 2019
Organizing Your HACCP Plan - PDF
Organizing Your HACCP Plan - November 2006

These materials were developed by Child Nutrition & Wellness, Kansas State Department of Education.   Class content and activities were adapted from the following sources:

  • Guidance for School Food Authorities: Developing a School Food Safety Program Based on the Process Approach to HACCP Principles, Food and Nutrition Service, United States Department of Agriculture, June 2005
  • HACCP Resource Materials, Iowa State University School HACCP Project, 2004
  • 2012 Kansas Food Code, Division of Food Safety, Kansas Department of Agriculture
  • Thermometer Information Resource, National Food Service Management Institute, The University of Mississippi, 2005

These publication have been funded at least in part with Federal funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service.   The contents of this publication do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Department, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.



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